Mould design

Precision mould production

Precision mould production

EFFEGICI Srl in Navolè, Treviso province (TV), has been producing medium to large injection moulds for thermoplastic resins since its establishment in 1980.

It is an industrial company which combines experience and technology with sensitivity to the environment and human relations. It operates under strict ethical principles.


Over the last few years it has acquired a wide experience in the fabrication of moulds with two opening plates (stack-moulds) and two material moulds (2K index, rotary table, transfer).

The production staff are assisted by a design team proficient in 2D-3D and CAD-CAM design and by the toolroom personnel and are capable of fabricating moulds of dimensions 1500x900 mm with 4 or 5 axis C.B. Ferrari machining centres.

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